Bridge ViewFauna

The single level demo (EXE - 15Mb) features a small village nestled in some hills showing off features of our proprietary game engine.

Minimum Specifications:

Video Card capable of vertex shader (1.1 or greater) and pixel shader (1.1 or greater)

Pentium or Athlon Class CPU greater than 1ghz

Sound Card

Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP

Microsoft Direct X 8.1a or higher.

Tested on:

Nvidia GeForce 3 series (Not Geforce MX)

Nvidia GeForce 4 series (Not Geforce MX)

Nvidia GeForce FX series

ATI Radeon 9x00 series

Does not work with the following graphics cards:

Nvidia GeForce MX Series

Nvidia GeForce  256 and Geforce 2 series

Ati Rage Series

Vodoo based graphics cards